It’s been a while…

My last post was pretty depressmints — I was recovering from gallbladder surgery and on another round of antibiotics.  Thankfully,  I am feeling much better now and getting back to my regular routine.  A big part of my routine is cooking and this past Thursday/Thanksgiving I cooked until I could cook no mo’!

First off, I prepped and cooked the biggest turkey I have ever tackled — my brother, the turkey lover, bought a 26.2lb turkey this year!! The biggest I had ever cooked before was a 22 pounder a few years ago.  My prep for this bird was different this year since my mother, who is on blood thinners, has to limit her vitamin k intake and I usually marinate the turkey 2-3 days in advance in a garlic, onion, citrus and fresh herb blend.  So this year, since I can’t do an herb blend because they are high in vitamin k and I knew she wanted to use her daily intake here and there and not just with turkey I made it a different way.  I roasted the garlic vs. raw minced garlic, caramelized the onion vs raw chopped onion, I caramelized the citrus (oranges, lemons, limes, and tangerines), added smoked paprika (my favorite spice ever), liquid smoke, and himalayan sea salt.  The results were juicy, tender, and super flavorful – my method before was delicious but I think this new method elevated the flavors and worked really well to produce a really great tasting turkey 🙂

Here is what my plate looked like:


As the week goes by I will do a breakdown of everything on the plate:

  1. roasted turkey
  2. sesame ginger carrot ribbons
  3. toasted walnut spiced carrot ribbons
  4. dairy-free scalloped potatoes
  5. apple, fennel, and celery salad w/honey mustard dressing
  6. savory and sweet carrot cake waffles
  7. kale salad with a Mediterranean twist
  8. vegan mushroom gravy
  9. tomato scones
  10. butternut squash baked shells and broccoli
  11. 3 different kinds of fresh salsas (smoked chilies, salsa roja, and salsa verde)
  12. orange-cranberry sauce

It might take me more than a week to do, but I made sure to take notes of my measurements and adjustments last week.  There are few people in the family with dietary restrictions, so as you can tell there was a lot of food and something for everyone.

So for the next week or so I will breakdown this delicious meal into recipes that can be used all year 🙂

I’m happy to be writing (about food) again!



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